About PowerGlot

PowerGlot is an easy to use tool for software localization. It brings the ease of use of Mac OS to developers willing to make their product available in the native languages of their users worldwide, and is tailored for use by both developers and translators.

PowerGlot extracts the text from your applications, lets you translate it, then builds the localized applications for you, all this with a friendly user interface.

The current version of PowerGlot 2 runs on Mac OS X only (version 10.2 and later) and can process legacy Mac OS Classic (Mac OS 9) applications as well as Mac OS X applications (including Interface Builder files and localizable strings files).


Download PowerGlot 2.2 (September, 2006)


An invaluable tool for localization

PowerGlot provides a unique user interface for software localization. Create a new database and add the application to translate to it. PowerGlot extracts, sorts and presents all the text contained in the application in a comprehensive way. All your text is just a click away, nicely organized in sorted lists, in a single window. Just browse it, translate it, click a button: you're done, PowerGlot has built your localized application.

Localizing your software is now a matter of hours, if not minutes.

To take the ease one step further, PowerGlot includes a glossary mechanism to help you automatically translate common terms accross all your translation projects. PowerGlot supports all script systems (single-byte and double-byte) and Input methods (for languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean...).

PowerGlot is also a scriptable application. You can easily build AppleScripts to integrate PowerGlot in your development process and automate most tasks related to building and updating databases. A number of AppleScripts and AppleScript Studio applications (with their source code) are provided with the software, including applications to import glossaries from other environments.


Last but not least, PowerGlot knows how to read and translate Mac  OS  Classic applications, PowerPlant resources for applications developed with Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Interface Builder (.nib) files and localizable strings files (.strings) on Mac OS X as well as Palm OS resource files for developers of Palm OS applications.






For more information about the product, read the technical overview page. This page highlights some of the most outstanding features in PowerGlot. Also check the screen shots page which shows you what the software looks like.

Users willing to perform complex tasks with PowerGlot may refer to the included PDF manual which provides help with automating tasks and setting up complex databases for large software.



Availability and pricing

PowerGlot is distributed electronically only.

After downloading the software, you can use it as an evaluation copy (it won't generate localized files), until you purchase a license. Instructions for purchasing are included in the PowerGlot distribution. You can purchase the software with a credit card using an Internet connection, or place an order by phone or fax.

A single-user license for PowerGlot costs USD 149.

Upgrades from PowerGlot 1.x cost USD 99 per seat.


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